City Lights

Job Description: Branding, branding presentation, newsprint and website (MFA project)

Target Audience: College-educated, Upper-middle class.Young revolutionary thinkers, writers, adventurers, democrats, feminists, rebels and modern beats

Background: City Lights is visited as a museum by tourists and a few nostalgic. It has some followers of a younger generation but what dissent meant back then is not the same as what it means today. A healthy society needs not only to protect, but also to encourage dissent. The goal of this rebranding project is to provide a platform to make new revolutionary ideas come alive.

Goals: To refresh the brand but maintain the ideas of dissent in which City Lights was founded. The logomark is simple and it could be seen as a voice or idea. Some of the brand extensions are: workshops, products to aid the creative process, marketing events and an online social platform.