Job Description: Logo refinement, Branding, Collateral

Target Audience: Women, Urban, Chic, Diverse, 20–60, All Shapes and Sizes

Background: Halmoni (meaning grandmother in Korean) is Natasha’s vintage clothing and accessories shop. Natasha’s background, her dad being black and her mother Korean, her childhood in New York and the music she grew up with, all play a part in her fashion sense. Natasha started her business selling clothes in the streets of Mission SF. She leased her own shop in Oakland three years ago. Halmoni’s bold and statement pieces accentuate beauty and bring confidence inspiring women to showcase their personality and be positive about their body.

Attributes: Body Positive, Confident, Chic, Stylish, High-End Urban, East-West Coasts Heritage, Nostalgia

Goal: To translate Natasha’s personality, fashion sense and statement into a consistent branding system in order to communicate these ideas to a wider audience and also give Natasha a visual system to keep consistency in her future branding.