Writing Freedom

Job Description: Logo, Website, Multimedia Exhibit , Promotion

Target Audience: Museum goers

Background: YBCA fellows Keenan Norris and Leslie Rabine commissioned me with a website and visuals for a projection for their latest collaboration project taking place at the YBCA Public Square. This project asserts that words themselves, especially when placed in print and made available in the public sphere, are liberating. This was true under the shadow of slavery, it is true today where people's most basic right, the right to free communication, is under threat either from autocratic government or from anti-intellectual revolutionaries. The methods that people use to speak freely are as numerous and beautiful as our minds, from Walker's guerrilla publication methods to the circulation of romance writings amongst the women in Kona. 

Attributes: Informative, Engaging

Goal: To educate about state-sanctioned suppression of literacy and literature in antebellum America and current-day Northeast Nigeria and writers’ heroic resistance against it.