Utopia Promo

Job Description: Promo (MFA project)

Target Audience: Designers, printers

Background: The word utopia has a double meaning: “good place” and “bad place.” Appleton’s paper line is called Utopia and sells many choices of paper, in contrast, in utopian or dogmatic societies (ie: nazis, cults, strict communism, etc.) the utopian will try anything to create his envisioned society and won’t offer choices but we are not made happy in the same way.

Goals: To use the word utopia’s double meaning: choice and no choice, good place and no place to contrast the paperline’s unique selling point: choices against the utopian societies lack of choices. Edited excerpts from dystopian novels in order to build a fictitious city, described throughout the book. Display type is a modern geometric. Manipulated photography.